Brendan Vize

Brendan Vize, often called Vize, joined the ranks of The Inadequate Team back in January 2015. Currently he Co-Hosts one of the reviews with Lane McFaddin, helps define the AFI’s Top 100, and will be hosting an unnamed Open Topic project.

Vize may just be your average Pontiac Aztec dealer, but by night he is the unstoppable masked wrestler known as Calabaza Plátano! Deep in the seedy undergrounds of Venezuela he wrestles, challenging anyone who so much as thinks his name; driving them mercilessly into the ground with his signature move Bananah Slamah. What does he have to prove? No one knows…

Traveling from sleazy bars to midnight day-cares he searches for the ultimate challenge, never quenching his thirst for battle. To this day he waits for someone worthy to join him in the ring, or maybe his true love, no one really knows since every encounters ends in death… or the sale of a Pontiac Aztec.

Don’t think this is true? Find a Pontiac dealership and prove me wrong!

Check out Vize’s current work here!


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