Dylan Cassidy

Dylan CassidyDylan Cassidy, or better known as Coffee Black, joined the ranks of The Inadequate Team back in February 2015. He now Co-Hosts The Inadequate News (which he proudly calls Did You Hear?!), and joins in on The Inadequate Review on an as needed basis.

Dylan currently resides in a Buddhist temple deep within the Phu Phan mountains.  Promptly after arrival he became known as “The Budd with the Bod” due to putting all his time into creating a heavy lifting gym for the humble monks despite their objections.

Unfortunately his career as a bodybuilder and pro-life activist ended there as he soon discovered that trying to commute to the nearest clinic or competition meant almost certain death on the deadly Thai mountain peaks. At least he still has his unbreakable relationship with his life partner, Alek Nyman.

Don’t think this is true? Where’s your sense of wonder?

Check out Dylan’s current work here!

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