Genndy Tartakovsky off Popeye Project

In a recent interview about his upcoming sequel to Hotel Transylvania, Genndy Tartkovsy revealed that he will no longer be working with Sony Pictures on their upcoming Popeye movie.

He stated that even though he was reluctant to leave, changes in the studio lead him to believe they’re no longer track with the original idea he was working with. Although Tartkovsky is leaving Popeye he is already on to a new project of his own called Can You Imagine?. Popeye was originally being released in 2016.

How do I feel about this?

I’m disappointed but not devastated. Popeye is not a series that resonates with me, I’m not of that generation, so when I heard this movie was coming I didn’t exactly jump for joy. That being said I am a Genndy Tartkovsky fan. Regardless of how you felt about Hotel Transylvania, Tartkovsky is the father of critically acclaimed Samurai Jack, among others, so any project that losses him losses a great talent.

To further the disappointment Sony released test footage of their work with him last year and it came out great. Even though I am not a fan of the show I did find the short clip charming and creative, as well as true to the old source material. At least we still have his new film Can You Imagine? to look forward to.

My Source: Moviefone Interview

Watch the test footage!

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