One Day Late Update: Storm Troopers, Baywatch, and DiCaprio

New Star Wars Set Photos

This one is a little late but earlier this week photos came from one of the many Star Wars movie sets showing actors wearing the Storm Trooper armor from the original trilogy.

Troopers possibly on the new planet Jakku

Closer look at the armor and helmet

With the surfacing of these new images comes a new question. Are these Storm Troopers what remains of the Galactic Empire or are the troopers seen in the released trailers? They could very well both be or one could be the true Empire while the other is a counterfeit group. Check out our source, The Mirror, to see the rest of the pictures.


Zac Efron In Talks For Baywatch

The new Paramount comedy, Baywatch, could be adding Zac Efron to work alongside already cast Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Original Baywatch crew

*cue slow-mo run*

There are a few items to note here, one being that this is based on the 90’s TV show but adapted into a comedic film. Also remember that Efron as well as Johnson have proven themselves in comedic roles; Neighbors and Pain & Gain anyone? See more details at our source The Variety.


DiCaprio for Devil In The White City Adaptation

It has been announced that Paramount will be moving forward with the adaptation of The Devil In The White City while utilizing a Martin Scorsese Leonardo DiCaprio team up.

The featured cover for the 2003 novel

Scorsese, DiCaprio, and Robbie working on Wolf of Wall Street

Paramount emerged victorious in a bidding war for Erik Larson’s non-fiction novel after Warner Brothers Studio released the rights for last month. The novel takes place in 1893 Chicago during the World’s Fair and follows DiCaprio’s character, Dr. HH Holmes. For the fair Holmes builds The World’s Fair Hotel that’s sole purpose is to allow Holmes to murder the inhabitants and sell their skeletons for science. By the end he was thought to have claimed 27-200 victims.  A very dark role for DiCaprio indeed and it will be interesting to see him in a clear-cut villainous role. Get more details from our source Deadline.