Alek Nyman

Alek Nyman started The Inadequate Movie Review with Matthew Saulpaugh back in May 2014 and maintains the site.  He hosts his own Inadequate Review, Co-Hosts The Inadequate News, and is undertaking defining the AFI Top 100 movies. He also helps in any reviews or future projects as needed.

In his spare time, Alek enjoys competing in roller derby circuits all across the country with his team  The Matricentric Silverbacks. Unfortunately, during the 2009 WFTDA Nationals Alek built up too much speed during a match and careened into the spectators, injuring several onlookers and resulted in a loss for the group.

Even after their humiliating defeat against The Oly Rollers, they still skate on to be the best team they can be. Due to his ability to blend seemly-less in with the rest of the girls, Alek will be continuing on to try to win the title that was stolen from them so long ago.

Don’t think this is true? Are you also super fun at parties?

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