What We Do in the Shadows

Brendan, Lane, and Alek review What We Do in the Shadows!


A small documentary crew was allowed to see follow the lives of four vampires and the events leading up to The Unholy Masquerade. IMDB 


Original Cut Producer’s Cut


Alek, Lane, and Brendan review Chappie!


In the distant future of 2016, the creator of a robot police force wants to give birth to the first ever true A.I. IMDB


Original Cut Producer’s Cut

Inadequate Movie Review

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Movie News

Catch what’s new in the movie world!


New Avengers trailer

Disney found their Beast

Secret of NIMH remake

Oscars slice

The 2014 movie season is over and so follows the Academy Awards!


Catch what Matt, Dylan, Vize, Lane, and Alek all had to say before the show, and after it was all said and done!

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