Lane McFaddin

Lane McFaddin, hail to the king, joined the ranks of The Inadequate Team back in January 2015. Currently he has his own review along side Brendan Vize, helps define the AFI’s Top 100, and will be hosting such shows as Film Students Choice and an unnamed Open Topic project.

As an ageless wizard Lane spends his days in solitude, trying to avoid troubled mortals who say things like “this is a black tie event, your robe does not qualify”, “your fireworks suck dude” and “stop enchanting my cookware to play on your bowling team”.

In confidence he has expressed that he didn’t ask to be a wizard, yet his shortcomings as magical being actively prevents him from achieving his dream to become the world’s best pharmaceutical sales rep. To this day he still wanders the streets of Cleveland seeking a company that will accept his long time friend Droglok the unkillable as a suitable character reference.

Don’t think this is true? Go read a book.

Check out Lane’s current work here!

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